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Harley Quinn in Dawn of DC

April 5, 2023

Check out the latest on Harley Quinn in Dawn of DC

Harley Quinn, one of DC’s most popular characters across various media, enters the DC Multiverse with writer Tini Howard and artist Sweeney Boo in Harley Quinn #28. This new issue is part of the ‘Dawn of DC’ initiative, which focuses on bringing new perspectives to classic heroes. As Harley adapts to significant changes in her life, such as her girlfriend Poison Ivy getting her own title, she must confront her position in the DC Universe and recognize her unexpected transformation into a pillar of the DCU.

The first arc, titled “Girl in a Crisis,” allows long-time DC fans to interpret the term “Crisis” in various ways. As part of the ‘Dawn of DC’ initiative, Harley must examine herself and her growth, not only as a queer, mentally ill superhero but also as a crucial part of the DCU. The storyline starts with Harley settling into her daily routine before her life starts to unravel.

The creative team of Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo emphasizes the importance of collaboration in their work. They see themselves as co-directors, discussing and modifying each other’s ideas to create the best final product. Sweeney Boo’s artistic freedom allows her to adapt and experiment with the script, resulting in a unique blend of story and art that brings Harley Quinn’s story to life.

As Harley’s star continues to rise, this new issue heralds a new era for the character, immersing her in a foundation-shaking adventure that promises to be unlike any she’s experienced before.

Cover art for Harley Quinn #28